"Michele brings a fresh, creative eye to discovering design possibilities which help organize & transform your space with creativity and practicality."  -Carol M. ~fine artist

Space for Change -External Work

SPACE MATTERS.  Because opportunities require space to unfold and spaces that flow and function, create joy.   Environmental psychology tells us that the space around us is a fundamental contributor to our well being and is essential in supporting us, so that we may nurture life's many opportunities.  

Did you know that our spaces can actually help to stimulate and regulate our nervous systems, impacting the way in which we get through our days?  Ever notice the direction your shoulders move when you walk in to a room?  Or in what way your breathing or heart rate shifts?  Do you work better in a busy environment, or prefer solitude?  How does your external space impact your internal being?  Conversely, what does your space tell you about you and your life?  Does it support your needs?  What is it telling you to do and to be?  How is this information useful or enlightening?

Creating a space that better serves you; helps you to find comfort on the outside so that you may rest on the inside, or invigorates you on the outside so you are inspired on the inside… Whatever your need, let's shape your external space so that it supports your internal space.

Together we will look at the big picture and then zero in on the details.  We'll determine the ways in which you would like your space to support you and what postive habits you would like it to promote. When physically possible, we'll make room for that which you desire that doesn’t currently exist.

External physical changes can be of help as we are learning to live a new way in our old lives.  Having our new intentions reflected in our spaces, helps to support our intentional new habits.  Changing our environment literally grows and expands the neural networks in our brain simply by breaking us out of our routines and forcing us to find a new path. These changes also serve as physical cues in our environment which can prompt us to show up differently in our lives.  When your intentions are physically woven into your every day life, you are inspired by and draw strength from your environment, as you follow through and make the conscience choices that support your desired change.

What does this look like?

  • Reworking a space, using existing elements in a new way.
  • Getting rid of old unnecessary items to create a void or a fresh open space in which to welcome openness and possibilities.      
  • Add stimulus and fire up your space to invigorate you and give you energy.
  • Crafting a space free from excessive stimulus that creates comfort, provides reprieve and grounds you on the outside.

It is possible to create good design solutions using what already exists by modifying or rearranging.  Together we will craft a plan and strategy for implementing the physical changes.  Sometimes simple systems need to be put into play and worked in to our routines to help us to use our spaces to manage our lives.


As you work to create new healthy habits and make transitions, it is immensely helpful to have the space that surrounds you, support you and reinforce the intentional way you want to be.  

Working out logistics, creating function, flow, and systems, helps you to integrate new routines.   During my 25 years as a creative entrepreneur, I've developed a knack, love, and appreciation for systems.  We will work together to craft these supporting systems in our office sessions or work in your office or home to help design the systems that will work most efficiently for you.  

'Space for Change -External'  is an in home/office assessment and consultation service which outlines a step by step plan for you to integrate your internal needs with your external environment.  These services can greatly benefit the overcommitted and those seeking greater life balance inside and out.  A thoughtfully crafted space with intention and user friendly systems in place on the outside, helps us feel peaceful and put together on the inside. 

Space For Change -Internal Work

Maybe your interior project is just the beginning of creating change in your life?

Shaping your space helps immensely to create change, but maybe your life also needs a little remodeling?   As we consider our need to shape our external spaces, perhaps it is also an invitation to assess our desire to rework our internal selves as well.  I do believe the two are connected and a refelction of each other.  It can be difficult to sustain external change without the underlying awareness and understanding of our internal needs around it. 

Externally it is about reworking our space to support the change you crave. This is what I do as an interior stylist.  Internally, it is about creating space to welcome and nurture our mental and emotional needs for growth and change. This is what I do as a coach.  The overlap became undeniable after a year of consulting many clients with their interiors who had recently experienced great internal emotional change and felt a strong need to rework their external spaces.   We were doing more then setting up their homes.  We were reflecting on and rebuilding their identities, comfort zones and their emotional well beings right along side their physical space, pretty fantastic work : )