kind words...

"I had a wonderful experience working with Pine Street Design. My house desperately needed an exterior paint update, and Michele provided me with color scheme options that struck the perfect balance between timeless and modern. She looked at the interior of our home to get a sense of our personal style and came up with a color scheme that really fits us and the house. I cannot recommend her highly enough!" ~Erica N. -Writer

"Thank you Michele for choosing such a perfect color palette for my home.  I so appreciated that you choose colors that could modernize my house without me having to buy all new furniture.  I am going to love living with these gorgeous colors and textures, so I think you just saved me the expense of a move!"   ~Kathy S. 

"Michele has selected all the interior and exterior colors for our home over the last several years. I have always liked color and think of myself as having good color taste, yet was seldom satisfied with paint color choices I made. That was confusing to me. So I hired Michele to do color design for a couple of rooms, was thrilled, and have not looked back." ~Jane A. -Teacher

"Michele blends an artist's feel for color and design with deeply practical, smart and useful changes.  She digs in to uncover your space’s hidden functionality, finding creative solutions to meet your practical needs, while making sure that the space feels the way you want it to, so you can utilize and enjoy it more fully." ~Carol M. -Painter

"I discovered Michele Greco while we were deciding what color to paint our house.  My husband and I walked our dog by Michele’s house several times a week, and we both loved the color, It was not typical, eye-catching and very classy.  We didn’t know Michele but her sign was posted outside, Pine Street Design, so I called her.  She came to visit which was actually an interview about our lifestyle, our neighborhood, and what we loved about our home.  When Michele returned about a week later, she presented one palette:  the house color with three complimentary accent colors.  I was stunned.  She brought us only one choice, and we both LOVED it.  Several years later, we still love it.  Michele has now touched almost every room of our house with wall color, cabinet color, kitchen counter choice, window treatments and carpeting.  She knows us, and our house, so well that I can just say what I am looking to do, and she comes back with one choice, or a handful of choices, that I love.  I would hate to think of taking on any design project without Michele.  She is a true creative with a fun approach to tackling any project."   ~Kathy L. -Dog whisperer

"I work long hours and have two young children so everything house-related gets pushed to the back burner.  Having Michele help choose colors for our home allowed me to refresh our space without spending hours and second guessing myself. She listened attentively to my goals and chose the perfect colors. She is a delight to work with, efficient and professional.  We are thrilled with the outcome and the process.  Thank you, Michele"  ~G.M. -Attorney

"For years we tried to pick out colors for our home without consulting an expert.  Nothing ever seemed to work, leaving us disappointed and frustrated.  Then we met Michele Greco."  In addition to all new interior colors, Michele helped us redesign our kitchen. She chose large format porcelain tile for countertops, designed the new look for our cabinets and selected environmentally friendly eucalyptus wood for the cabinet facelift. The changes she made gave us new drawers, new appliances, and new hardware. Plus, we now have a kitchen that finally has more useable storage in the same amount of space.  We are thrilled!  Michele also improved the curb appeal of our house by simply changing the trim and adding decorative copper accents to the front porch.  We look forward to using Michele's advice whenever we start a new project.  We have lived in this house for 43 years and we love updating with Michele there to make it work." ~Kathy S.-Artist

"Michele pays attention to what we say we like, to colors, atmosphere, hues, what energy we like for our home. She asks lots of questions and listens to our answers. There are features in our house we have to work with; they are too expensive to replace,  a paneled ceiling, and shiny finish on natural wood door frames for example. She uses flow from room to room as an asset to enhance. Michele understands how light and paint play with each other and that becomes part of her design." ~Ken A. -Professor