Thoughtfully Curated Color Collections

I love color! 

Color is an amazingly simple way to transform your space.  Color alone can define a room making it condusive for rest and reprieve, or for energetic engagement, and basically any variation on these themes.

My approach to color selection revolves around your wants and needs.  How does your space need to serve you?  What do you want to feel, do and be in the places in your life? As a result, each color collection is unique and makes for an original space that is a reflection of you.  Rather then follow trends, following your personal inspirations tend to lead to spaces that serve you for longer periods of time.  At least until you decide you need something different from your space : ) 

Color Work Considerations

Color Saturation: 

As we consider the natural and ambient light in your space, as well as the overall effect and mood you desire from that space, we will determine how much color saturation to use.


The amount of contrast we choose between color elements and exisitng elements, is again influenced by the over all effect we are going for. 

Color Temperature: 

Tuning in to a rooms exisitng color temperature is a big factor in choosing colors that achieve your desired outcome.  Color temperature can be influenced by the landscaping outside your place or a neighboring home or building, as well as other interior and exterior factors. 

Existing Elements:

Just as color temperature is a strong consideration in choosing a color collection, so are all of the existing elements that you wish to hold on to.  Do you have a brick wall, or walnut floors?  Are you committed to working around the art deco lamp you inherited or aunt Nellie’s sofa?  Working with what each space has in place will guide our selection.  This is also an important component when selecting exterior colors, as our final selection will be influenced by neighboring buildings etc.  And for ultimate curb appeal, we'll be guided by the direction the front of your house faces as well.


I believe the outside and inside of your home or office need to feel cohesive, like they belong to the same being and convey the same overall feeling.  Individual rooms can play off of each other and also share a common integrity.  

Interior Styling

My personal theory around interior spaces is that they meet your needs of both personal expression and function, while providing you with comfort and inspiration for your daily life.  In addition to creating color collections, my interior styling services include selecting finishes for your remodel such as, tile, countertop material, cabinet style, lighting & hardware.